Theatre Hotel Courage is an international theatre company that discovers and creates stories from around the world.

In the past two years Theatre Hotel Courage travelled all over the world with their tragic comical masks that represent human kind. They’ve worked in refugee camps, metropolis, war zones, tribes and slums and asked the same question everywhere:

‘ If the world would be a hotel, which archetypical mask would you be and which position in the hotel would it have?’

Based on the answers they’ve gathered, they developed a tragic comical and satirical show: A Room With A View, which will be performed in 2017.


The Conference Room is a preview of A Room With A View. Courage will share the stories from the people they’ve met on their journey through tragic comical scenes that will be told with the Courage masks and music.

“Theatre Hotel Courage creates contemporary tragicomic theatre of a high artistic level, accessible to all strata of society. This theatre has endless possibilities; it is playful, precise, hilarious, topical, fragile and above all full of life.”
Stef Collignon, Director at Amerborgh Nederland

Director: Katrien van Beurden
Actors: Sacha Muller, Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Ilse Krabben, Myrthe Boersma en Bas Zemering
Musicians: Remy van Kesteren, Tobias Borstboom, Ramon Lormans en Dominique Vleeshouwers


Friday the 23th, saturday the 24th and sunday 25th of September at 20.30o’clock at Theater Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam

Price: normal: €15,-; student: €12,50

If you would like to make a reservation, you can send an email to:

(Ingediend door Marjan Stomph)